My project is suffering from a problem where jobs sometimes build the same 
commit twice. This seems to happen when two or more pushes are made within 
a short time (by one or more developers).

I think the problem matches one or both of these:

My job is a multi-configuration job configured for pre-build branch merging 
as describe here:,Jenkinsandpre-buildbranchmerging

My full job config.xml can be found here:

I could use some help figuring out why this happens. Here is what I have 
done so far. I've checked out bitbucket-plugin to start from the trigger. 
Here, I've drilled down to BitBucketTrigger.onPost() which appears to be 
where the interesting stuff is happening.

    public void onPost(String triggeredByUser, final String payload) {
        final String pushBy = triggeredByUser;
        getDescriptor().queue.execute(new Runnable() {
            private boolean runPolling() {
                try {
                    StreamTaskListener listener = new StreamTaskListener(
                    try {
                        PrintStream logger = listener.getLogger();
                        long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
                        logger.println("Started on "+ DateFormat.
getDateTimeInstance().format(new Date()));
                        boolean result = SCMTriggerItem.SCMTriggerItems.
                        logger.println("Done. Took "+ Util.getTimeSpanString
                            logger.println("Changes found");
                            logger.println("No changes");
                        return result;
                    } catch (Error e) {
                        e.printStackTrace(listener.error("Failed to record 
SCM polling"));
                        LOGGER.log(Level.SEVERE,"Failed to record SCM 
                        throw e;
                    } catch (RuntimeException e) {
                        e.printStackTrace(listener.error("Failed to record 
SCM polling"));
                        LOGGER.log(Level.SEVERE,"Failed to record SCM 
                        throw e;
                    } finally {
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    LOGGER.log(Level.SEVERE,"Failed to record SCM polling",e
                return false;

            public void run() {
                if (runPolling()) {
                    String name = " #"+job.getNextBuildNumber();
                    BitBucketPushCause cause;
                    try {
                        cause = new BitBucketPushCause(getLogFile(), pushBy
                    } catch (IOException e) {
                        LOGGER.log(Level.WARNING, "Failed to parse the 
polling log",e);
                        cause = new BitBucketPushCause(pushBy);
                    ParameterizedJobMixIn pJob = new ParameterizedJobMixIn() 
                        @Override protected Job asJob() {
                            return job;
                    BitBucketPayload bitBucketPayload = new BitBucketPayload
                    pJob.scheduleBuild2(5, new CauseAction(cause), 
                    if (pJob.scheduleBuild(cause)) {
              "SCM changes detected in "+ job.getName
()+". Triggering "+ name);
                    } else {
              "SCM changes detected in "+ job.getName
()+". Job is already in the queue");


The things my novice eyes notice in the function above is that it is a 
Runnable that is added to a getDescriptor().queue. Does this mean that only 
one of these can be processed at a time, or is it conceivable that two 
quick git pushes in succession can cause two of these runnables to execute 
at the same time.

The other thing I notice is that if pJob.scheduleBuild(cause) returns 
something that evaluates to false then we log a message that the job is 
already in the queue. Is a job in the queue when it is executing or does 
being in the queue mean that it is scheduled to be executed but hasn't 
startet yet?

Finally, I have a question about this statement from the function above:

   boolean result = 

hasChanges() relative to what? What happens if a job has been scheduled and 
it has started executing, but it has not decided yet what git sha or indeed 
even what git branch to build? Does that leave a window where a second git 
push triggers the job to be queued again?

I hope you can help me.


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