There are ToolInstallation and ToolInstaller extension points for it.


With these extension points you can implement custom tool installation 
logic and then enable the tool for the build (e.g. by adding a BuildWrapper 
or ToolInstallation invocation in your build step). If you do not want to 
write your own plugins, there is Custom Tools Plugin 
<> which can do the job.

In all cases the tools will be installed when a job needing them runs on a 
node on the first time.

Hopefully it helps,


On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 1:58:03 PM UTC+2, Johann wrote:
> Lets say, I am writing a plugin which needs an working installation of ...*
> *I am bit crazy, I fixed my errors for better unterstanding
> Am Montag, 9. April 2018 13:49:32 UTC+2 schrieb Johann:
>> Hello,
>> Lets say, I am writing a plugin which needs to be working an Installtion 
>> of, for example Visual Studio. Right now, to use this plugin you always 
>> need to download and install Visual Studio manually beforehand. Is it 
>> possible, that with the moment I am downloading my plugin in my Jenkins 
>> system, that my plugin is downloading and installing that Visual Studio for 
>> me, so I dont need to do that manually anymore? Visual Studio can be any 
>> other software here, it was just an example
>> Best regards

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