Maintainers of 'Jenkins Xcode Plugin' are currently inactive, and 
reflections of pull requests are delayed, so I am willing to take over 
their duties.
To do this, you need write access to WiKi pages and git repositories, so 
please approve this.

2016年9月7日水曜日 2時37分33秒 UTC+9 Brantone:
> Curious as to the current state of Xcode plugin. Although there was a 
> recent merge last month, there hasn't been a release in almost a year and a 
> list of PRs piling up.
> I've attempted to contact current maintainer about helping out, but have 
> not heard word back.
> Is there a process for such a situation??
> With changes in Jenkins 2.x and Xcode 8, would be a shame for the plugin 
> to get further behind.
> Cheers

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