Hi all,

My name is Vu Tuan, and I am participating in Jenkins Google Summer of Code 
this year as a student. My project is Jenkins Remoting over Message 
Bus/Queue <https://jenkins.io/projects/gsoc/2018/remoting-over-message-bus/>
Some background about this project:

   - Current versions of Jenkins Remoting are based on the TCP protocol. If 
   it fails, the agent connection and the build fails as well. There are also 
   issues with traffic prioritization and multi-agent communications, which 
   impact Jenkins stability and scalability.
   - This project aims an update of Remoting and Jenkins in order to add 
   support of a popular message queue/bus technology (RabbitMQ or Kafka) as a 
   fault-tolerant communication layer in Jenkins.

Currently we are in the first phase of the project and I am going to 
implement a PoC in this first phase. The messaging technology used is 
Apache Kafka, and the deliverable for the first phase will be in Docker 
compose with multiple services and components involved. 
If you are interested, we have a gitter 
<https://gitter.im/jenkinsci/remoting> chat for this project. The weekly 
meeting schedule is:

   Every Tuesday, 02:00-03:00 PM UTC
   Every Friday, 02:00-03:00 PM UTC
I am looking forward to contributing to Jenkins community this summer.

Best regards,
Pham Vu Tuan

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