> On 25. Mar 2020, at 17:34, Radek Antoniuk <radek.anton...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Tim Jacomb mentioned that the reason for this is that the teams were often 
> re-created in the past, but I think that:
> - if we assume that each plugin "automatically" has a long-lived team that is 
> called "<pluginId>-admins" or "-maintainers" and that this one is not 
> deleted, but only members are changing
> then I would propose to re-enable GH Team Discussions and let the plugin 
> maintainers decide if they would like to use it or not.

Tim is mostly correct -- While it's not a regular occurrence, we delete teams 
whenever we feel like it (or at least I do). For example, if a plugin repo gets 
renamed, the names no longer match: 'old-name Developers' grants permissions to 
'new-name'. If we've granted permissions in the mean time, there might even be 
multiple teams related to the repo: old-name Developers, and new-name 
Developers. Nuking and adding permissions again, if needed, is easier than 
manually trying to merge them.

I've also had some fun conversations with GitHub support who cannot believe our 
per-repo team model. It seems the way we're using teams is _very_ unusual. I've 
wanted to get rid of them for quite some time, replacing them with external 
collaborators and some automation around it for org membership, but it looks 
like this never seems to make the cut.

So when GitHub introduced team conversations and the option to disable them, I 
did just that -- to not unnecessarily complicate administrative actions, 
eliminate the potential for accidental data loss by deleting teams with 
conversations, and allow for an easier migration away from teams.

Personally I would rather see discussions in issues or pull requests in the 
open, than in private in teams. Since there's a 1:1 relationship between repos 
and most teams, most notably the ones you're discussing here, what's the 
benefit of team conversations over GH issues or PRs?

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