Been trying use the jenkins cli to programmatically set builds to unstable 
from failed based on conditions that I will find in various log files 
related to the project I'm working on.

One of the recommendations is to use the jenkkns_cli to set it via the 
jenkins_cli, however if I do this:

 java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -noCertificateCheck  https://my_jenkins_server 

What gets returned is a FileNotFoundException:

                at hudson.cli.CLI.connectViaHttp(
                at hudson.cli.CLI.<init>(

If I use manage jenkins from the jenkins dashboard and click jenkins cli, I 
get a simliar thing;

HTTP ERROR 404 Problem accessing /cli/. Reason: Not Found

What am I missing? I have this issue with two jenkins servers. Is there 
something I need to install/enable that I'm missing? Searches find nothing.

Server 1: Ubuntu 14.04,3 Jenkins version 1.642.1
Server 2: Ubuntu: 14.04.5 Jenkins Version: 1.651.2

Bob Hansen

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