I want to share my Jenkins Pipeline setup 
<https://gist.github.com/amaksoft/b17408303d69c71498eaa39ea2ee3b01> and my 
solution to publish changes/tags to git repo via SSH (While Git Publish 
Support <https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-28335> is under 
development). Please check it out for more info, any improvement ideas are 

In short you just add file *git_push_ssh.groovy* to your project and call 
method pushSSH() from Jenkinsfile like this:

    env.BRANCH_NAME = "mycoolbranch"// BRANCH_NAME is predefined in 
multibranch pipeline job
    env.J_GIT_CONFIG = "true"
    env.J_USERNAME = "Jenkins CI"
    env.J_EMAIL = "jenkins...@example.com"
    env.J_CREDS_IDS = '02aa92ec-593e-4a90-ac85-3f43a06cfae3' // Use 
credentials id from Jenkins
    def gitLib = load "git_push_ssh.groovy"
    gitLib.pushSSH(commitMsg: "Jenkins build #${env.BUILD_NUMBER}", tagName: 
"build-${env.BUILD_NUMBER}", files: "changelog.txt someotherfile.txt");

суббота, 27 августа 2016 г., 4:02:40 UTC+4 пользователь Random Guy написал:
> I tried withCredentials() method...  its giving an error.. 
> NoSuchMethodError...
> java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No such DSL method 'withCredentials' found
>  Here is how my method look
> withCredentials([[$class: 'UsernamePasswordMultiBinding', credentialsId: 
> 'myid', usernameVariable: 'USERNAME', passwordVariable: 'PASSWORD']]) {
>            sh("git tag -a ${TAG_NAME}")
>            sh('git push https://${USERNAME}:${PASSWORD}@game-of-life 
> --tags')
> }
> any idea?
> On Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 8:30:43 AM UTC-7, Mark Waite wrote:
>> I found the answer.  Sorry to bother the list.
>> Git publisher is not yet supported with pipeline (see 
>> https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-28335)
>> A work around to publish to git from a pipeline is available.  See 
>> https://github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-examples/blob/master/pipeline-examples/push-git-repo/pushGitRepo.Groovy
>> Mark Waite
>> On Sunday, June 19, 2016 at 9:02:10 AM UTC-6, Mark Waite wrote:
>>> I've been creating Jenkins jobs as tests of various bug fixes and 
>>> storing them in a git repository.  Currently, the Jenkins jobs include the 
>>> definition of the verification steps to confirm the bug is fixed.
>>> The pipeline file seems like a better way to check that the problem is 
>>> fixed, since the checks for successful job completion can be done in groovy.
>>> One of the bugs I need to check needs to use the git publisher to push a 
>>> commit back to the originating repository and branch.  In the snippet 
>>> generator I can see an entry for "publishHTML", but I don't see any entry 
>>> that would let me use the git publisher to push changes.  A google search 
>>> also did not show any obvious hints of ways I could use the git publisher.
>>> Are there examples that use the git publisher from a pipeline script?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Mark Waite

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