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> From: Bilsby David C
> Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 05:17
> OK I think I have fixed this myself. To disable signature 
> checking on the update file you need to set the 
> hudson.model.DownloadService.signatureCheck variable to 
> false. I did this through a groovy script added to the 
> %JENKINS_HOME%\init.groovy.d directory. The script I used 
> contained the following:
> import jenkins.model.*
> try
> {
>   hudson.model.DownloadService.signatureCheck=false;
>   println(“Disabled signature checking for update service.”);
> }
> catch (MissingPropertyException e)
> {
>   println(“No signature check disable property found!”);
> }

Thanks, this will help us too. Ideally, we would prefere to re-sign and leave 
the signature checking in place. Does anyone have ideas as to that?

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