Hi all,

I am looking for some way to email the test results from the Jenkins to the 
recipients in a nice format After my test executes the console logs are 
generated in jenkins. I have installed the extended E-mail Plugin for email 
and configured the smtp server. The test also generates the JUNIT.xml which 
contains Pass/Fail results but doesn't contain the failure reason which 
needs to be retrieved from the console logs.

The Email-Plugin emails the results but it is either truncated or not the 
format I want it. Is there any other plugin I need to use which will 
retrieve the failure reason from the console log and email the results 
similar to below:

I want Something like the below in a table  :

TestCase Name |  Status |  Link |  Failure Reason

Is there a better way or example for Email reporting in Jenkins to suffice 
my requirement? If so what are the other tools/plugins I should install and 
the way I can achieve this? I saw the customise email reporting can be 
achieved through jelly script. Can someone provide me an example jelly 
script for email reporting ?


I will appreciate if some one can help me in this regard?


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