I known my answer will not be received well by most, but that was the 
fastest way I could find, I did a Python script with XunitParser module 
made that a breeze (I can even test it better or use other tools to run 


Just write to a temporary file using the tmp() folder and then sh or bat 
the python script and give the output file as argument, output into the 
wanted format and just read the file into Jenkins pipeline.

All those little Python script have save me hours so far compare to messing 
around into the Jenkins "cripple" Groovy. Just doing a iteration on list 
doesn't work as it is suppose too into that Groovy implementation! @NonCPS 
is a bag of crab so far for me (same function does or doesn't return the 
same result with or without the @NonCPS, some function I had written where 
working until some update where I had to add the @NonCPS by updating 
Jenkins). Having to allow all the operations (map hash, file 
getAbsolutePath, operator string to string, ...) but can launch a shell or 
batch operation that can access whatever folder.

May sound harsh on Jenkins, but every new commer have question on how to do 
simple stuff (this include myself, I'm no different here! the struggle is 
real, especially for people who did not touch any groovy before and realize 
they don't really have a full features Groovy engine to play with) because 
we can't rely on Groovy way of doing those thing, because those way doesn't 
work most of the time into that implementation or need to be tweak a lots 
to make them working. Many of those questions are left without answer since 
nobody really know how to do them properly into that script engine.

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