We had a similar problem and solved it wrt. 
https://groups.google.com/forum/#%21topic/jenkinsci-users/KgCGuDmED1Q with 
the following dynamic parameter script

import jenkins.*
import jenkins.model.*
import hudson.*
import hudson.model.*

nodes = Jenkins.getInstance().getGlobalNodeProperties()

if ( nodes.size() != 1 ) {
  throw new RuntimeException ("error: unexpected number of environment 
variable containers: ${nodes.size()}, expected 1!")
envVars= nodes.get(0).getEnvVars()

On Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 9:14:54 AM UTC+2, zacky azoulay wrote:
> Hi
> At this moment I defined a environment variable called TEST1 with the 
> value 'myvalue' under Manage Jenkins -> Configure System -> Global 
> Properties. I have a groovy script when a project is being build containing
> def env = System.getenv()
> println(env['TEST1'])
> println(env['USER'])
> i got 
> myvalue
> lroot
> while in the Extensible Choice -> System Groovy Choice Parameter -> Groovy 
> System Script i run the same scripts but i got only lroot
> is there a way to get the environment variable in the extensible-choice 
> like jenkins user hudson.model.User.current() or 
>   hudson.model.Hudson.instance.getAuthentication().getName()
> thank and regards zacky

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