Hello Developers/Users,


I'm new to Jenkins and plugin development. I have minimal idea about CI and 
plugin development, which I acquired through Google. 

However, I have my work to integrate Polarion PLM tool with Jenkins. 
Whenever there’s a major source code commit in SVN, user will deploy the 
build through Jenkins.


The tasks are,


   In Jenkins, I need to start HiL testing, a test set, via Polarion, which 
   in turn triggers the Automation suite. 
   After the tests have been executed, Jenkins should import the test 
   results via Polarion.

For the above tasks, I need a plugin between Jenkins and Polarion. 

Can I know if there is any plugin already available for the above 
functionalities or a similar plugin where I can modify it to my 
requirements or do I need to start with a new plugin development? 


In case of new plugin development, please direct me towards the path on how 
to develop a plugin i.e., IDE, pluging and scripting/programming knowledge 


Any help would be deeply appreciated.




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