We keep running into our github rate limit with Jenkins' mutlibranch plugin.

I ended up contacting github directly, and they said 20% of all of our 
requests were actually going to resources that were basically static.  

>From github support, our usage over the last week:

Top 10 specific resources:
> /       97,571  10.37%
> /user   96,932  10.302%

Github support basically said that these are static (or almost static) -- 
but 20% of our rate limit was being used on these.  I do have the github's 
plugin cache setup and configured for 100mb, but it looks like its not even 
being used.

I would like to figure out why these resources are being used -- but I'm 
not sure where or how to turn on github api logging, so that I can figure 
out what is going on.

Does anyone know how best to log / get info on what the github plugin is 
using -- like when its going to the cache vs when its going to github?  


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