I posted a comment on the JIRA and read through Jenkins source code for a 
while, but did not find a way to do it.

I would have preferred a simple job that ran periodically and just adjusted 
the number of executors on each slave, but I came up with an alternate 

   - Increased the number of executors on slaves to the max that will be 
   - Created a new job 'hold_executor'
      - Scheduled to launch periodically
      - High priority via priority sorter plugin
      - Limited concurrent threads with throttle concurrent plugin, so a 
      minimum number of executors are always available for real work
      - Job runs a script to check for conditions
         - If executor should be disabled, the job sleeps while holding the 
         executor slot for a time period then checks again
         - If executor should be freed for real work, the job exits
Not as clean, but it meets my needs for now.

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