Hello guys,

I'll explain first,
I have a project name testProj.
Under workspace I have commons, repository, service, resource, web.
The files I need to deploys are resource.jar and web.jar but both resource 
and web also depends on the commons, repository and service.

Source Code Management:
using Git and the repository URL is 
Branch Specifier: */master

Build trigger
Poll SCM H/1 * * * * (to run every minute)

Invoke Gradle
  Gradle Version: Gradle
  Tasks: build -x test
  Build File: build.gradle

This is the problem I encounter:
They told me when jenkins detect changes in web or resource, the jenkins 
should automatically build and deploy either resource.jar or web.jar to the 
server and run..

What I did, but wrong:
1. using SSH2 Easy Plugin to send both file but they said is wrong, because 
it's related to tester and they will be interrupted, it's supposedly only 
the changes will be send.
2. I tried create 2 different project for resource and web, but when 
jenkins detect a file changes in commons, repository and service it will 
automatically build both project.

What should I do? is there a plugin that can help me?

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