I'm using github enterprise (GHE) and Jenkins 2.17. I have a working 
parameterized pipeline. Now I'm interested in having that run every time code 
is pushed to GHE. I have the GHE side setup to send a push notification.


The green checkmark seems to suggest that GHE can successfully post the event 
to Jenkins.

I have checked the box to have the build trigger when a change is pushed.


Hook for repo it-cloud-services/cloud-portal-automation-api on github.hpe.com 
failed to be registered or were removed. More info can be found on global 
manage page. This message will be dismissed if Jenkins receives a PING event 
from repo or repo will be ignored in global configuration.

I can't find much information on this error and I'm not sure where to go next. 
Any ideas to help me troubleshoot this?


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