Testing out new Groovy code inside Jenkins is slow and painful. Whereas I 
can run a bit of code in a second on my local system inside Eclipse, it can 
be minutes on Jenkins (because it is part of a build), even if I strip 
everything out that I possibly can it's at least an order of magnitude 
greater. As a newbie to Groovy it can take me a number of iterattions to 
get things right (especially given the issue I'll talk abiout next), so 
being able to test code on my local machine would be MUCH better.

Unfortunately, Groovy in the pipeline is a bit broken, 


There are workarounds, but if the problems only happen inside the pipeline, 
that that a lot of the development/debug iterations have to happen on the 

Things would progress much faster if I had a local implementation of Groovy 
that aped the one in the pipeline

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