Thanks for adding the unstableOnWarning to the LogParserPublisher, this was 
awaited feature, nice. But I have a problem with the following situation 
which doesn't make much sense to me:

step([$class: 'LogParserPublisher', parsingRulesPath: 'myrule.txt', 
useProjectRule: false, failBuildOnError: false, unstableOnWarning: true]);

If use like this: 

   1. 0 errors, 0 warnings = success, good
   2. 0 errors, >0 warnings = unstable, good
   3. >0 errors, 0 warnings = success !! now this is strange

I think it should be at least unstable for the last one (#3). Would be 
really nice to make build unstable upon warning and error. In fact specify 
the error level upon finding the kind of level parsed would be nice.


   1. errorMarkBuild: "FAILURE"
   2. warningMarkBuild: "UNSTABLE"
   3. infoMarkBuild: "SUCCESS"

this way the script can specify any wanted level per parsed results.

I still thing it would be nice to have this per stage and output multiple 
of them just like the HtmlPublisher.

I have some parsing I want to warn when doing the lint on tests files I 
output warnings, but for the real code I may want to do an errors.

*P.S.:* anybody known what the showGraphs: true is suppose to do exactly? I 
haven't see any difference by using it or not ?!? I don't see any graph 
anywhere? I was expecting errors/warnings count between build or something 
like that. (BTW I'm up to date with current release of Jenkins 2.25 and 
plugins @ 2016-10-14 @10h35 EST)


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