I have update to emailext 2.51 which seem to now support the template. but 
I failed to see how to use them or provide it to the emailext call??? I 
look at the http://myJenkinsserver/myproject/pipeline-syntax/html  but 
without any luck, the plugin only doc don't say much else then the problems 
is fix.

I would like to replace my manual template read and replace with it and use 
the old groovy template. Is this compatible with both groovy and Jelly 
template?  we used the groovy template before pipeline (as matter of fact 
multiple of them, but that's another story).

Any pointer of how and what to do to use it would be welcome.

I'm suspecting I can leave the token/script into the email body and subject 
and they will be parsed? so I could only read the template and give it to 
the emailext command? I would be trying to guess by trial and errors but if 
anybody have pointer that would be welcome.


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