I've got a lot of jobs that rebuild docker images - part of this involves a 
security scan of those images to see if there are any CVEs contained within.

I'm trying to figure out a workflow where I can take the failure of the scan to 
force a resync from our upstream vendor for packages however we have multiple 
image jobs.

I'd like to implement kicking off a resync on the failure of the first of those 
jobs and for each subsequent job, it checks if the sync job is running and if 
so, it silently skips by. At first I thought setting a conditional build on the 
sync job and putting a file in place so that it wouldn't run if it sees that 
file, but subsequent runs of the same job just get queued and so would likely 

Does anyone have any offerings or advice on a plugin that would check the 
running jobs in the queue and if they match a pattern, they either abort the 
job or something else? Build blocker almost looked like what I require however 
if I understand it correctly, it would only block until the job leaves the 
queue and would then be released.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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