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On Fri, 14 Oct 2016, vishad alekh wrote:

> Hi,
> Yes, I am using multi branch pipeline and also jdk 7. 
> Actually I have made build n compilation job for 3 application. There is a 
> master job which is calling these three jobs in parallel executor. 

For https://ci.jenkins.io we're using Multibranch Pipelines very heavily and I
*believe* that this was putting heavy pressure on the PermGen space in JDK7 and
causing some issues for us.

My solution, as suggested by a few others, was to simply upgrade to JDK8 wihch
has a number of improvements in handling objects which previously were stored
in this PermGen space. I wrote about that here:

If that isn't an option, making the PermGen space much higher might help, but I
*think* that JDK7 simply doesn't clean up the PermGen space properly so you
might still see "leaks."

- R. Tyler Croy

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