Has anyone seen the following type of lock up. We are using pipeline and 
have carefully wrapped the script with a timeout of 4 hours. All of the 
running jobs have been there for 4+ hours. None of the UI options are able 
to terminate the processes.  We have concurrent builds turned on. One of 
the displays looks like this. 


   1. java melody shows 98 threads in various states
   2. There is plenty of disk space 
   3. Some errors in the logs 
   4. Using Java 8
   5. System is idle and has 2.8G free out of 118G
   6. Jenkins 2.25 and all plugins updated
   7. No more activity in any of the console logs

Jenkins needs a system analyzer, lockups like this happen often and the 
idea of recreating the issue for someone to debug is not practical.  



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