Just now jumping into playing with Jenkinsfile + Docker and am finding 
myself having to put withDockerServer([credentialsId: '...', uri: 
'tcp://...:2376'])  around all of my pipelines to point my slave node at my 
Docker host.

Is there a good way to set up DOCKER_HOST and credentials on a slave so 
that all jobs run there will use it?  My host is tls verified so the ca, 
cert and key need to be used and I'd like to continue to use the 
credentialsId method that withDockerServer() does if possible.

... and to add a wrinkle to this, I'm using Docker container based slaves 
(using an image I built 
here: https://hub.docker.com/r/ericsmalling/jenkins-slave-docker/ )

Thanks for any advice.

-Eric S

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