Hi Jonathan,

I think it's not available that utility. Alternatively, it's possible to 
use find command (if Linux):

node {
   stage 'Create folders in workspace for showing'
   sh '''#!/bin/bash +x
         mkdir -p my_folder1/my_subfolder_1.1/my_subfolder_1.1.1
         mkdir -p my_folder2/my_subfolder_2.1/
         mkdir -p my_folder3/my_subfolder_3.1/my_subfolder_3.1.1
   stage 'List folders'
   sh '''#!/bin/bash +x
         for directory in `find $WORKSPACE -type d -name 
\'my_subfolder_?.?.?*\'`; do
             echo "$directory found, with parent: $(dirname $directory)"

*List folders* stage output:

[workspace] Running shell script 
./my_folder1/my_subfolder_1.1/my_subfolder_1.1.1 found, with parent: 
./my_folder3/my_subfolder_3.1/my_subfolder_3.1.1 found, with parent: 

I hope be useful.

Best regards,

El sábado, 15 de octubre de 2016, 14:06:35 (UTC+2), Jonathan Hodgson 
> Hi,
> I need to find all the folders with a given name which are in my workspace 
> (well in fact I need to find their parent folders)
> A quick test with findFiles indicates it only finds files, not folders.

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