I were trying to write custom class in Jenkinsfile.

With following example the JOb does hang after the line "echo hi:2". I have 
to click to abort the build and then click twice
on provided links in the Jenkins Console to fully cancel it. On our server 
- even after kill - Jenkins remains 200 and more percentage of CPU.
We were forced to shutdown the Service and to restart. Locally I'm running 
Jenkins inside a Docker container. No CPU problems there.
I'm using a 2.8 and on our server we have a 2.23.

The Console output looks like this:

Aborted by Thomas Lehmann <http://tlehmann.office.aol.com:8080/user/tlehmann>

Click here to forcibly terminate running steps 

Terminating node

Click here to forcibly kill entire build 

Hard kill!
Finished: ABORTED

And ideas?

Kind Regards,

class Project implements Serializable {
    static final serialVersionUID = 1L
    private String message = ""
    def setMessage(String message) {
        this.message = message
    def getMessage() {
        return this.message

node {
    echo "hi:1"
    def project = new Project()

    stage("Using a class") {
        echo "hi:2"
        project.setMessage("some message")
        echo "hi:3"
        echo project.getMessage()
        echo "hi:4"

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