I've just done some experimentation, and 

    testfile = new File("/tmp/CheckOnServer.txt")
    if (testfile.exists())
        echo "It's looking on the master"
        echo "It's not looking on the master"


[Pipeline] [Windows] echo[Windows] It's looking on the master

Now [Windows] is my slave (the master is a linux machine), but, as the 
message says, that file it is finding is on the master.

Paths seem to be failing because it's starting in the wrong place.

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 3:44:39 PM UTC+1, Martina wrote:
> What exactly is the value of ${source_folder_name} that is in the message?
> C:/some-dir/some-other-name should definitely work.
> Martina

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