Hi All,

I have resolved the above error with some trial and error but not sure 
whether this is 100% work for others or not, but what I did I am sharing my 


   1. *service jenkins stop *or *sudo /etc/init.d/jenkins stop*
   2. Make sure all services are stopped. Even u should not be able to 
   access the jenkins url from browser.
   3. check the *rpm -qa|grep jenkins*. It will show your jenkins rpm 
   4. Run the find / -name jenkins to check where and all jenkins is used.
   [root@localhost]# *find / -name "jenkins"*
   5. Take backup of */var/lib/jenkins/* folders to */var/lib/jenkins.old* 
   Now run the *"rpm -e --nodeps jenkins-1.651.3-1.1"* to remove the 
   7. Repeat Step 4 again and make sure */var/cache/jenkins* and 
   */var/cache/yum/jenkins* are the two directories which remains
   8. Now run *"rpm -ivh /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins-1.651.3-1.1.noarch.rpm" *to 
   install the jenkins package
   9. Run *"service jenkins start"* so that it will listen on port *8080*
   10. Open the jenkins url with IP and Port.
   11. Create a free-style project with some name and make sure the project 
   should be created in */var/lib/jenkins/jobs*
   12. Configure the necessary steps such as JDK Installation, Ant 
   installations etc., in manage jenkins options.
   13. Now run the build for your project without configuring *build.xml* 
   path, so that it will create a workspace folder in 
   14. Now copy the *build.xml* file from existing project and put the file 
   in */var/lib/jenkins/workspace/<project name>*
   15. Build project from Jenkins.
   16. Try to resolve script label errors such as it will complain for lib, 
   src folders not found and copy/create those folders to resolve the 
   compilation errors.
   17. Once done with all errors try to run the build again so that you 
   will get Build Successful.
   18. Make sure you copy/create src and lib folder and don't copy/create 
   the target folder.
   19. Make sure target folder must be created automatically by Jenkins 
   with jenkins ownership and jenkins file permission. Rest all may be root 
   owner and root file permission.
   20. Now configure the junit report and email notifications to get the 
   build reports in email.

On Wednesday, 12 October 2016 18:23:59 UTC+5:30, chinmoy padhi wrote:
> Hi Google Users,
> Need a help on the mentioned subject line.
> I have installed the jenkins using *"rpm -ivh"* command 
> Currently I am running the Jenkins on
> 1. Linux RHEL 5.8 (32-bit)
> 2. java version "1.7.0_79"
> 3. Master mode only
> 4. Jenkins Version 1.651.3
> Steps to Execute
> --------------------------
> 1. I am trying to run the junit test cases from *build.xml* using 
> Ant(Apache Ant(TM) version 1.9.7 compiled on April 9 2016)
> 2. Same project I am running from Windows 7 for easy debugging using 
> Eclipse for build.xml and other class files.
> 3. I copied the Windows project to Linux path and created a job and 
> workspace in* /var/lib/jenkins/*
> 4. Run the build from Jenkins which required desired configuration and it 
> run perfectly.
> 5. Later I compiled the AllTest.java file from Windows and copied the 
> .java and .class file from windows and copied the respective files to* 
> /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/project/src *folder and .class file to* 
> /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/project/target/class* folder.
> 6. When I build the project again from Jenkins it started to throw error 
> after all my test cases got executed.
> 7. Every time its pointing to Junit task in the build.xml file, I tried to 
> google but didn't get the exact answers.
> 8. When I didn't find any resolution I have removed the jenkins rpm using 
> *"rpm 
> -e"* command. But it didn't removed the jenkins folder from* 
> /var/lib/jenkins *
> 9. Re-installed the same rpm and freshly created new freestyle project but 
> it didn't resolve the same error and again after running all the test cases 
> it throws the error.
> Appreciate your help. Please find the attached build.xml
> Thanks,
> Chinmoy

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