I posted this in the wrong place previously - hope this is correct.

Does the concurrency parameter no longer apply to the stage block?  This 
post is in reference to: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-26107

I have some legacy code, and I'm converting "stage" to use the new block 
format. We have a lot of stuff that looks like this: 

stage name: 's1: do something', concurrency: 1

stage name: 's2: do something else', concurrency: 1

I'm not entirely sure what "concurrency" is doing, or if it's even 
necessary to preserve in this case.  I can't find much reference to the new 
form in the docs.  Is it safe to just ignore the parameter?  Is it handled 
in some other way now?:

stage("s1: do something") {


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