On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 8:09:56 AM UTC-4, Jonathan Hodgson wrote:
> Did you miss my last post? I tried FilePath, but I get a "unable to 
> resolve class" error.

Do not attempt to use `FilePath` from Pipeline script. It will not work.

I'm in a powerfull object oriented cross platform language, but to do 
> anything useful I have to drop into platform specific archaic shell 
> environments? Writing clunky code which has to be different for each 
> platform

There are plenty of platform-independent scripting languages out there. 
Ruby, Python, etc. Groovy (run as an external process!), for that matter.

I've had zero success getting sh to work on windows

Use `bat` on Windows. There is a `isUnix` step that may be used to select a 
Unix-vs.-Windows variant.

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