We are having a problem with GitHub and webhooks, and was hoping someone 
might have an idea of how to resolve.

We want to use webhooks for obvious reasons:  We're using the GitHub org 
plugin to scan our repos, and setup the Pipeline jobs.

I used the "Re-register hooks for all jobs" button on the Configure System 
page -- and it did, it went through and configured all of the webhooks on 
our projects.

But it seems to have only registered the events of "Pull Request" and 
"Repository" events.  It didn't register the Push event -- so we are not 
receiving any events to kick off builds when a user actually pushes 
something to git.

This seems to be by design -- after all, it did register for events, 
selected these 2 instead of receiving all events -- so I am assuming this 
has something to do with some other config elsewhere?

How can we get the webhook management to include Push events in the 
registered list of events?


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