Hi Teichner,

I don't know if I've understood you correctly, but I usually configure my 
jobs with:

   - Build Triggers > Poll SCM

With this option you specify when you want to check your SCM (e.g. hourly, 
every 2 hours, ...) and a new build is executed *only if changes are 
detected from the last build*. Is that you're looking for?

Best regards,

El martes, 18 de octubre de 2016, 11:22:35 (UTC+2), Teichner Peter escribió:
> I’m trying to find the right solution for using a conditional multiple 
> build step depending if there was a code change. I have seen a solution by 
> checking ROOT_BUILD_CAUSE but that might be unreliable as the execution 
> could be manually triggered but there could still be code change. I need 
> this so I wont build the software unless there was an actual change in the 
> code change. Thanks in advance.

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