Right now I'm looking at a pipelne job which has been hung on two slaves 
for over two hours.

Both slaves (one windows, one OSX) show as being connected, and the slave 
is still running on both, but both are stalled... one on starting a batch 
script, the other either in the shell script or just after it.

The Job has run without issue before.

This raises a couple of questions

1) What might be causing this (I've had mystery hangs before).
2) How can I investigate it


3) Is there a way I can implement some sort of time out? If there has been 
no activity from the slave for a given period of time I'd prefer it if the 
build ended and I received an email telling me there had been a problem. As 
it is, I'm unaware of the problem unless I check, (which sort of negates 
the point of an autobuild), and the build system is effectively usefless 
until I go there and stop the build.

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