I understand that the pipeline approach is the new modern approach when 
working with Jenkins.

I'm having a difficult time learning about how to use it exactly in the 
context of Python, Docker, Jenkins.

I've got Gradle, docker, Python to execute from within the pipeline window 
through proper installations of those products. So I am good there.

I got the docker plug in to work and it has a bunch of methods to do the 
various build, run, pull commands.

Here are some newbie questions. Apologies.

If I want to write most of my code in Python because I want cross 
compatibility with Windows, where would I store the Python script files so 
that the pipeline portal could access them? 
Would they be part of the git repository when I do my pull in the scripts 
would become available and that manner?
Is Jenkins stateless such that I have to download everything I want to work 

I would love to see an end to end tutorial that shows me how to trigger a 
docker build locally after code check in and then run unit tests on that 
locally built image using Python.
Any help is much appreciated.

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