Did you manage to get notifyCommit to work while using Pipeline script?
I tried some variants (including different pipeline git & checkout steps 
with/without 'credentialsId', 'poll', 'branch' parameters supplied and 
with/without UI-setting PollSCM enabled) without any success.

For now I use Jenkins 2.8 and Pipeline Plugin 2.4 .
I get 'No Git consumers using SCM API plugin for: <repo-URL>' .
But I doesn't get 'No git jobs using repository: <repo-URL> and branches:

Kind regards, Alexander.

On Monday, May 23, 2016 at 11:25:10 AM UTC+3, Sverre Moe wrote:
> Using Jenkins Pipeline there is no longer Source Code Management because 
> checkout is handled within the pipeline script.
> How can i get notifyCommit to work while using Pipeline script?
> https://jenkins/git/notifyCommit?url=ssh://g...@git.company.com/namespace/projectA.git
> I know there is an SCM choice to the pipeline script. Do I have to supply 
> the git url to the project I am building here for notifyCommit to work?
> I do not want to have any logic in Jenkinsfile for each project. It would 
> be a nightmare to maintain the same build script within hundreds of 
> projects. I was thinking of putting my pipeline script within a 
> tools/jenkins-script-project.git project. All pipeline projects would check 
> out this pipeline script for building. That case the logic for the pipeline 
> build script is in a single location only. Unless there is another way I 
> can do this.

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