Hi James,
yes, I'm using the 2.46.1 version.
But I can use Blue Ocean only for browsing activity, because our projects 
are stored under SVN while Blue Ocean seems to support only GIT projects, 
so I must switch to "classic UI" every time I have to change some build 



Il giorno giovedì 20 aprile 2017 07:57:20 UTC+2, James Dumay ha scritto:
> Hi Filippo,
> Great to hear that you are upgrading to use Blue Ocean :)
> While Blue Ocean is compatible with 2.7.1 and above I do strongly advise 
> using the latest LTS, 2.46.1, as there have been several nasty security 
> vulnerabilities.
> All the best,
> James
> On Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 8:52:14 PM UTC+10, Filippo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've installed Jenkins 2.4 on a CentOS server via yum. I would like to 
>> try Blue Ocean, that runs only with Jenkins v 2.7.
>> So I opened the RedHat repository (https://pkg.jenkins.io/redhat/) and 
>> noticed that the 2.7 rpm is dated 2016/05/29, while the 2.4 is dated 
>> 2017/02/13.
>> The question is: why is the 2.7 so older than 2.4?
>> And are the other packages (2.8 and 2.9) also compatible with blue ocean?
>> Thanks.

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