More info..
When I click on view fingerprints in the build, it takes me 
FileB is listed there
Then when I click on "More details" link it takes me 
to https://jenkinshost/fingerprint/2e24226ea848c9bbb946e50740a4dbeb/ which 
is the fingerprint for FileA. 

How can I get to the API for the first url above which I hope will give me 
the link between FileB and FileA? Adding "api/json" to the end of the url 
results in "Not Found" (http 404)

On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 1:13:24 PM UTC-7, Tammy Osborn wrote:
> I'm using the REST API to get fingerprints for a build's artifacts. It 
> seems that when there are files with the same checksum, only one of the 
> files is shown in the fingerprint array. I need a way to to find the 
> fingerprint for the other files as well.
> Example: FileA and FileB have same content and same checksum. FileA is in 
> the API fingerprint array but FileB is not.
> When I view FileB details from the Jenkins artifacts page, it shows FileA 
> and its fingerprint. So somewhere, there must be a link between FileB and 
> FileA. Where can I find that relationship? 

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