Sorry for resurrecting this thread. I have the same problem where the build 
pipeline is almost identical between projects, and the build pipeline and 
environment is controlled by build engineers, not the developers, so it's 
very tedious to put the same Jenkinsfile into tens of different repos AND 
having to update and create tens of pull requests when we have updates to 
build pipeline/environment.

I tried Mark Waite suggestion and it's fantastic. However, there's one big 
downside: sub-build created by each branch can not be setup to be triggered 
by BitBucket push. Has anyone be able to workaround this or have another 
strategy to solve the aforementioned problem? I did some research and saw 
this feature request (Set the bitbucket trigger using Declarative Pipeline) 
<https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-44309> but it's not resolved 
yet and I don't know whether it could solve my problem.

Many thanks in advance,

On Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 6:46:32 AM UTC+7, Mark Waite wrote:
> On Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 3:06:32 PM UTC-6, Kaido Kert wrote:
>> Hi, 
>> I've been using Freestyle multibranch project option for a long time to 
>> run multi-branch builds. However, it officially say's its deprecated now.
>> However, we do not have the freedom to stuff Jenkinsfile into all 
>> repositories/branches we want to build, and never will.
> If you aren't able to place a Jenkinsfile into the repositories / branches 
> that you want to build, you might create a new (independent) repository 
> which has one branch per repository and branch that you will build.  In 
> each of the branches of that repository, you can add the Jenkinsfile and 
> have it perform the checkout of the repository / branch that you're not 
> able to change.  That allows you to have a repository with a branch per 
> build (which is what multi-branch pipeline wants), and you can place a 
> Jenkinsfile at the root of each branch to control what it is building.
> That creates a "builders" repository where you control the Jenkinsfile, 
> and that Jenkinsfile references the repositories and branches being built.
> I used that technique to "test drive" a pipeline configuration for a 
> component that wasn't ready to use Jenkins.  The official source repository 
> didn't know that I was test driving, and I was able to make rapid progress 
> without complaints about my Jenkins experiments.
> Mark Waite
>> When i configure a pipeline multibranch build item, there is a Build 
>> Configuration: Mode dropdown in the UI, which frustratingly only offers 1 
>> option: Jenkinsfile.
>> I'm guessing there is some plugin or mechanism to get more choices, such 
>> as pasted in script into this dropdown, but how ?
>> cheers,
>> -kert

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