I have a Python egg that I'm trying to repackage into an RPM for a custom
installation path. When the build is run manually it goes off without a

When the build is run within Jenkins (which is my preferred method) the
build fails with a oddball Unicode error.

I know this is not a Python forum, but I'm in hopes someone in the Jenkins
community has seen this and has a fix for it....

error noted -----
Traceback (most recent call last): File "setup.py", line 72, in <module>
"ipaddress", File "/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/core.py", line 148, in
setup dist.run_commands() File "/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/dist.py",
line 955, in run_commands self.run_command(cmd) File
"/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/dist.py", line 974, in run_command
cmd_obj.run() File
line 19, in run orig.bdist_rpm.run(self) File
"/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/command/bdist_rpm.py", line 283, in run
"writing '%s'" % spec_path) File "/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/cmd.py",
line 335, in execute util.execute(func, args, msg, dry_run=self.dry_run)
File "/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/util.py", line 301, in execute
func(*args) File "/opt/ncs/lib/python3.6/distutils/file_util.py", line 236,
in write_file f.write(line + "\n") UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't
encode character '\U0001f44b' in position 2671: ordinal not in range(128)

Thoughts anybody?

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