Hi Michael,

We have list of tests which I would like run in parallel. The Parallel Test Executor Plugin doesn't work in our case, because we don't use junit and the list of tests (behatList) is result of script work. I can't run all tests on one node because it will take about 16 hours.

So I save results of previous builds to groovy file as map and load it before (suitesStat) . Then I group and sort tests (sortSuites(suites, suites_time) in previous post). And then I use this list for create parallel run.

def behatList =['AutoSuiteSet_0', 'AutoSuiteSet_1', 'AutoSuiteSet_2', 'AutoSuiteSet_3', 'AutoSuiteSet_4', 'AutoSuiteSet_5'] def suitesStat=[AutoSuiteSet_0:0, AutoSuiteSet_1:1, AutoSuiteSet_2:2, AutoSuiteSet_3:3, AutoSuiteSet_4:4, AutoSuiteSet_5:5]
behatList2=sortSuites(behatList, suitesStat)

stage("test") {
    behatList=sortSuites(behatList, suitesStat)
    def enviroments_b = [failFast: failFirstError]
    for (int j = 0; j < behatList.size() ; j++) {
        int index_b=j
        enviroments_b["TestEnv behat=${behatList[index_b]}"] = {
          node('behat') {
             for (int j2 = 0; j2 < behatList[index_b].size() ; j2++) {
                int index_b2=j2
                sh "./run_test ${behatList[index_b][index_b2]}"
    parallel enviroments_b

06.08.2017 17:47, Michael Pailloncy пишет:
However, what do you want to achieve exactly ?

Viacheslav Dubrovskyi

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