Hi aps,

Just in case the problem is still there and to avoid a misunderstanding:

Based on (a) Victor’s hint “tr[y] with the docker.inside syntax […] It might 
give you the chance to debug it somehow.” and (b) your own comment “I'm really 
surprised you can't pause the build”:

docker.image(…).inside(…) {
  sh ‘<some shell command that shows kind of debug output>’

  // And now “workaround” to pause the build to allow connecting to the still 
running Docker container:
  input(message: "Continue?")

Due to the “input” step the pipeline is then pausing and allows you to e.g.:

...@jenkins:...$ docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND             CREATED             
STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
51c00502c727        acme/...:5    "cat"               20 seconds ago      Up 20 
seconds                           zealous_thompson
...@jenkins:...$ docker exec -it 51c00502c727 /bin/bash
jenkins@51c00502c727:<jenkins workspace>$ # Now you are in the running Docker 

HTH Reinhold

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