is this resolved..?
I'm getting the same error.   

On Monday, September 21, 2015 at 3:07:17 PM UTC+5:30, Karsten K wrote:

> Hi all,
> sorry in case for a duplicated question, but by scrolling through various 
> forums I couldn't find any concrete info.
> I have the feeling that jenkins doesn't really read my ssh-config file. 
> On my master:
> created a certificate called 'jenkins'. 
> I copied this identityfile on each slave.
> Since the username on each slave is called 'slave' I created a ssh config 
> file pointing the user 'slave' to identityfile 'jenkins'. 
> However I constantly run into 'ERROR: Server rejected the 1 private key(s) 
> for jenkins' ...
> So I had to create a new profile called 'slave' given the correct key and 
> it seemed to work.
> So the question here is why username 'jenkins' fails when ssh into any 
> slave-machine just works fine based on the config file.
> any ideas?

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