Thanks Mark.
I am bit curious to understand how did you manage to avoid installing 
additional dependencies beyond the ones which you have already installed in 
your image. As far as am aware once you install any plugin via Plugin 
Manager or directly uploading a hpi file in the Advanced section it pulls 
all the dependencies automatically.

I have gone through you list of your plugins shared as part of docker image 
but couldn't find the email-ext/email-ext-template plugins there.

And moreover I can find the version of workflow-job as 2.9 as part of maven 
dependency in email-ext-template(V1.0)->email-ext-template(V2.43) while in 
your repository it is workflow-job(V2.17).

As advised by you, will install the support-core plugin and will try 
generating the bundle for comparison sake.

With Regards

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