To start a docker container through marathon, I use this piece of code 
which is working fine:

  string(credentialsId: '1d759531-1e0d-40b8-a434-911d97c58d36', variable: 
]) {
    url: '',
    forceUpdate: true,
    filename: 'Marathon.json'

The variable env.DCOS_ENDPOINT contains 
We can see that I use the IP of the leader in the url field which is not 
good. If the leader is down or if the leader has changed, the deployment 
will fail.
So I tried to replace by the line below but it does not work:

url: 'https://qdcos.xit.rxcorp.com/marathon',

I tried to connect with cicd account so I don't think that it's a issue on 
the account.
I think that it's work because the endpoint on the leader does not need any 
authentication. So in fact it works but the authentication is not mandatory.
Using the url https://qdcos.xit.rxcorp.com/marathon, the authentication 
seems to be mandatory. It's why it does not work.

Any help should be appreciated !

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