Hello Jenkins Team,

I discovered the next issue when we updated from Jenkins 1.620 to Jenkins

We were using a script to create job items doing a POST of a config.xml to
our jenkins url like this:


This config.xml describe a quiet simple job triggered by BitBucket
(git push) that execute a shell script. The job also has 4 post-build

- Publish Cobertura Coverage Report

- Publish JUnit test result report

- Report Violations

- Notify Stash Instance

The script worked perfectly and created the jobs correctly, until we
updated Jenkins.

When we create a job now with this method, the job is created (the
http response from the POST is OK) and the configuration of the job is
the expected except for the post-build actions.

They were not visible on the configuration view of the job.

We check diferences on the config.xml files, we updated the template
we used before to match the new jenkins version and plugin versions
and the jobs are still being created without the

post-build actions.

Only the Publish JUnit test result report is being created correctly.
The funny part is that if we fetch the config.xml of the job created
with our POST we can see the content defined for

the post-build actions that were not created.

Please, ask me for any info you need and sorry for my poor english.

Best regards,

David Q.

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