I have a declarative pipeline that is to checkout a Subversion project and 
build it (on Windows with msbuild).

Until now, I have specified the checkout solely in the project's configuration 
page i.e. using the GUI.  However, the project has changed and now uses svn 
externals. I specified 'Additional Credentials' in the configuration page but 
the externals are not appearing in the checkout on the slave (they do appear if 
I do a similar thing with a conventional i.e. non-pipeline Jenkins job).  So I 
am guessing that I need to do an explicit checkout in the declarative script.  
So I have:

stage('myProj') {

    agent { label "mySlave" }

    steps {
        checkout([$class: 'SubversionSCM',
        additionalCredentials: [[credentialsId: 'snip', realm: 'snip']],
        excludedCommitMessages: '',
        excludedRegions: '',
        excludedRevprop: '',
        excludedUsers: '',
        filterChangelog: false,
        ignoreDirPropChanges: false,
        includedRegions: '',
        locations: [[credentialsId: 'snip', depthOption: 'infinity', 
ignoreExternalsOption: true, local: '.', remote: 'snip']],
        quietOperation: true,
        workspaceUpdater: [$class: 'UpdateUpdater']])

        bat '''
            call "%VSMSBUILDCMD%"
            msbuild %WORKSPACE%\\MSVC\\myProj.sln

Jenkins seems to checkout the project to the slave, then delete the checkout 
and do it again.

Am I doing this right?

Best regards


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