Having same issue, been trying to figure out for almost 2 weeks

On Monday, March 5, 2018 at 10:54:25 PM UTC-5, Christian Gagneraud wrote:
> I'm trying the "Bitbucket Team/Project" (which uses the "multibranch 
> Pipeline"). 
> Using "jenkinsci/blueocean:latest" docker image. 
> When i create a new ""Bitbucket Team/Project"" item, the BB project is 
> scanned, project is added and repo too. Repo that have a 
> "/Jenkinsfile" are picked up and built, everything seems to work as 
> expected. 
> Now when i go to one of the generated "multibranch pipeline" job, and 
> click the "View configuration" (no "Configure" accessible), I land on 
> a page that allows me to edit the job, but I get a Jenkins screenshot 
> showing "admin is missing Job/Configure permission" in between 
> "repository name" and "Behaviors" on the 
> https://jenkins-url/job/job-name/configure page. 
> When I manually create a custom multi-branch pipeline job with the 
> same bitbucket branch source, i do not see this message at all, and 
> there is nothing b/w "repository name" and "Behaviors". 
> Did I misconfigured something? The admin account is created suing a 
> pre-configure groovy hook: 
> ------------------------------------------------------------- 
> def instance = Jenkins.getInstance() 
> def user = "admin" 
> def pass = "..." 
> def hudsonRealm = new HudsonPrivateSecurityRealm(false) 
> hudsonRealm.createAccount(user, pass) 
> instance.setSecurityRealm(hudsonRealm) 
> def strategy = new FullControlOnceLoggedInAuthorizationStrategy() 
> strategy.setAllowAnonymousRead(false) 
> instance.setAuthorizationStrategy(strategy) 
> instance.save() 
> ------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Is it the cause of my problem? 
> Does anyone has example on how to use `RoleBasedAuthorizationStrategy` 
> from a groovy script? 
> I was stuck b/c I couldn't call the private `createAdminRole()` method 
> (and I'm an absolute noob with groovy and jenkins scripting) 
> Thanks, 
> Chris 

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