Thanks for the response R Tyler Croy, I'm suddenly kicking myself for not 
finding that plugin when I looked for stuff like this!

I notice the plugin is currently at 0.1 alpha, do (or do other folks here) 
have any experience using it? It it fairly reliable doing the things it 
mentions in the docs (LDAP config etc)? I'm torn as we have additional 
requirements such as loading up trust stores etc and I'd rather not have 2 
separate mechanisms to configure different bits of Jenkins.



On Monday, 12 March 2018 21:57:42 UTC, Edd Grant wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm using the init hook script mechanism ($JENKINS_HOME/init.groovy.d) to 
> programmatically configure Jenkins. I'm building up quite a library of code 
> and want to split it out in to re-usable classes, to keep things 
> maintainable and make it easier to write well focused tests etc. I have 
> tried the following with no luck:
> 1: Trying to split classes out in to separate scripts and using Groovy's 
> 'evaluate' function to load the classes from each script (basically trying 
> to re-implement some sort of importing behaviour). This doesn't work at all 
> due to the way Groovy manipulates scripts.
> 2: Putting my classes in a jar file and adding this to WEB-INF/lib in the 
> Jenkins war. This approach leads to classloader errors, presumably because 
> the jar classloader that my code belongs to doesn't have access to Jenkins' 
> PluginManager 'uberClassLoader'?  
> 3: Same as [2] but adding the jar to the JVM's classpath rather than 
> adding it to the jar. Same result as [2].
> Has anyone tried doing anything similar to this before? I'm really keen to 
> be able to do things like organise my code in packages and keep it in small 
> maintainable units. Grateful for any suggestions.
> Cheers,
> Edd

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