Not sure what the plans are for BlueOcean, but the main Pipeline View is 
very limited.
Having favorites helps a little, but it would help a lot more with custom 
pipeline views.

What we are looking for in BlueOcean Pipelines View:
* Choose a release branch
* List all pipeline jobs for selected branch
* Ability to filter away certain pipelines that are only for jenkins 
testing. Right now they are at the top in the Pipelines View and totally 
non relevant for any other than the Jenkins administrator. Perhaps I could 
rename than using the last letter in the alphabet so they would be listed 
* BRANCHES Column. 22 failing: It is useless to show all the user branches 
here. We only want to know if the release branches are failing. Same goes 
for overall Health.

Our developers want a overview to see which projects have failed on a given 
release branch.
Currently there is no such overview, either in old Jenkins or BlueOcean.

I have looked into several View plugins, and though some have potential, 
but those are not for BlueOcean.
This one looks promising, but has not been maintained for 3 years.
We could make such a plugin our self, if we had the resources for it.

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