I think I have a request for something that is not possible, but I thought 
I'd ask anyhow. 

Here's the current scenario:

We're using Github multibranch/organization so that every branch in every 
repo that has a Jenkinsfile gets built with CI. When the build completes, 
Jenkins reports the status back to Github (and for Pull Requests, we can 
block the merge back into master if the build fails).

What we want to achieve:

After Jenkins successfully builds a branch/repo (meaning after all the 
current steps are complete), we want to provide an option for the user to 
select to deploy and then continue the execution of the Jenkinsfile. But 
Github is left in a state of "Some checks haven’t completed yet". But the 
use-case we want is to instead consider the job done in Github, and not 
block the merge into master. For example, if the deployment is not a 
desired next step.

We considered an alternative of having a non-blocking job that runs after 
the build is complete (to manage the deployment), but this removes the 
ability to have the deployment steps specific for the branch/repo. In other 
words, the branch/repo should be responsible for defining how it gets 
deployed (what pre/post install steps it needs), not a generic job for 
every branch/repo (that has to have a groovy/declarative process that is 
capable of all possible pre/post steps). 

So... is there anyway to send the status back to Github during Jenkinsfile 

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