Hi there,

>From within a pipeline i would like to generate parallel jobs, and i
want all these jobs to run as ECS tasks using different specialised
docker images.
Can I use this syntax to achieve that?
stages {
  stage ('Parallel builds') {
    parallel {
      stage ('Build#1') {
       agent { docker 'image1' }
      stage ('Build#2') {
       agent { docker 'image2' }

>From my experiments, I have the feeling that Jenkins will spawn
dockerised slaves in parallel for each parallel stage (good), but the
docker container will run within the EC2 instance ($DOCKER_HOST), and
thus it won't take advantage of CPU scaling (bad).

Right now, my ECS slave template is configured to use an image which
is just jenkins-jnlp + docker client.

Do I have to create one template per docker image and use "agent {
label '...' }" in place of "agent { docker '...' }"?

This looks weird to me.

Sorry if the question sounds stupid, i'm not that familiar with
Jenkins and Amazon ECS.


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